About Us

It all began with a closet clean-out. 

Phumi Körber

When founder and operator, Phumi Körber cleaned out her closet in the beginning of 2020, she was unable to find a platform within South Africa to sell her preloved items in the way she wanted to.

Consignment businesses meant her involvement would be limited and other "secondhand marketplaces didn’t have the aspirational aesthetics that I enjoyed with online shopping." 

Just like that, an idea was born. 
"Dealing with my own frustration of fashion overconsumption, I was running out of closet space, & needed to declutter. Because most of the items were sourced from around the world through my travels, some items were too special to just donate or giveaway.

During hard lockdown last year, whilst working from home, I found myself with much more time on my hands and I started building Wisioi Marketplace, which stands for WEAR IT. SELL IT. OWN IT."

Phumi is an eCommerce "geek" as she calls herself who has managed various eCommerce businesses for some of South Africa's largest retailers and smaller startups..

As she began to develop the website, find sellers, and expand on her idea - that’s when she stumbled upon Mia, who would soon become her brand manager.


Mia Celeste

Mia Celeste is passionate about sustainable fashion herself, making this a fun and exciting project she couldn’t wait to be involved in. The only catch was, she was currently living about 12,000 kilometers away in sunny Guatemala. 

Despite being half a world away from each other and in completely opposite time zones, Phumi and Mia found a way to make things work.

After about 9 months of late nights and early mornings, countless zoom calls, and endless cups of coffee - Wisi-Oi Marketplace is the business it is today. A marketplace dedicated to making people feel empowered to run their preloved boutiques as their own businesses.

A team that provides a wealth of support and resources to its sellers and its shoppers. A platform focused on ensuring garments are of a high quality and of a certain standard.

But most importantly, a community that has a love for sustainable style. 

Welcome to Wisi-Oi Marketplace, start selling your gently worn clothes today


Pssst: Pronounced (We-See-Owe-Eye)