4 Tips For New Boutique Owners

4 Tips For New Boutique Owners

If you’ve opened up a boutique with Wisi-Oi, then congratulations - you’re a business owner!

We know those words can be a little overwhelming, but that’s why we’re here to walk you through it all.

There are thousands of thrifty entrepreneurs like yourself who make a living by selling quality secondhand clothes - and that could be you too!

To get you started, we’ve put together our top tips & tricks to ensure your little business runs smoothly and successfully. 

Market yourself!

No business thrives without promoting itself.

We cannot stress enough the importance of marketing your boutique on your own social media accounts. Although we do share your clothing on our own channels, if you want to see a steady increase in traffic and sales to your boutique - that’s up to you. 

But it doesn’t have to be boring!

Get creative with your store promotion and have some fun! Make TikTok style videos, play around with taking your own photoshoots, make some stylish stories, and much more! 

Pro tip: The more fun promotional content you create, the more frequently we’ll share your boutique on our page. It really is a win-win.

Provide excellent customer service

This is the easiest thing you can do that will elevate your brand. Whenever you receive orders or inquiries, make sure to answer them in your brand voice. This voice is generally professional, prompt, and friendly.

Basically, just treat your customers how you would want to be treated.

Keep your store fresh and up to date

This is super important! You don’t need to wait for all of your products to sell before you add new ones. In fact, you should be adding new pieces as frequently as you can.

By keeping your store fresh and up to date, you’re giving people another reason to check it out and explore everything you have for sale.

We think that consistently adding new items is one of the smartest ways to help sell older stock as well. 

Participate in sales and events

Wisi-Oi Marketplace will occasionally run sitewide or themed events and sales. Participating in these will help promote your boutique and drive more traffic to your store.

We know that you don’t always want to sell your clothes for a discount, but it pays off when you build up an engaged and interested clientele from these events.

Remember, every shopper has the potential to come back again if they like what they see and have a great experience. 

While there are many other factors to running your boutique - we truly believe these points are the pillars of managing a successful second hand store.

Remember, if you ever get stuck at any point and need some further guidance, you can check out our seller blog page with more guides and tips to grow your business. Also don’t forget, our team is only a WhatsApp away if you need any assistance. 


Written by our resident brand manager @miaceleste 


  • Christell

    Want to buy clothes and shoes from you so I can sell in my own Shop I want to buy it in a group.

  • Christelle

    I want to buy clothes and shoes 👟 so I can sell in my own Shop.

  • Christelle

    I want to buy clothes and shoes 👟 so I can sell in my own Shop.

  • Magda van Rooyen

    Thank you for all the helful tips! I’ll take it to heart. I’d like to generate an extra income.

  • Eve Mitchell

    I loved your tip about marketing your boutique on social media. I’m trying to start a small boutique with some interesting pieces I’ve collected over the past few years. I’d love to set up an Instagram account to connect with a younger audience. https://www.209wst38.com/fall-2021

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