Seller Terms & Conditions


Orders should be shipped within 2 business days of being placed. If you have an unexpected issue with delivering within that timeframe you need to directly communicate this to your buyer. 

Product photos

We require all boutiques to post original images. Every product listing must have a minimum of 3 photos, taken in bright, natural lighting. We ask that you do not post product photos from other websites for copyright reasons and as they do not accurately represent the condition your item is in. You can view our selection of photo-taking tips here.

Product images that do not adhere to our product image guidelines will be received an initial warning and followed by an immediate removal until a correct image that is aligned with our requirements has been provided by the boutique.

Time off

If you need to take some time off and will be unavailable to deliver orders, you need to send an email to [email protected] with advance notice and a timeframe so we can temporarily hide your boutique from the marketplace. 

We occasionally reach out to our sellers for a number of reasons that may require direct attention. Please note that if you don’t respond after 3 attempts of communication then we will temporarily hide your store until you’re able to get in touch with us. 

Quality control

We expect all items of clothing listed on Wisi-Oi marketplace to be of high quality. Meaning that products have are in excellent condition with minimal defaults. Additionally, we expect a level of transparency if there are any minor bruises or tears. This needs to be explicitly stated in your product descriptions. 


You will receive a warning if you do any of the following:

  • Don’t deliver an order within the required timeframe without communicating to the buyer.
  • Send clothing that is of a lower quality or is unlike the item depicted in your images and descriptions.

If you do any of these things repeatedly, you will be asked to close your boutique and leave the platform. 


Every few months, we will arrange a sale. Some are sitewide and others are focused on a specific category of products. We will be in contact with you 2 weeks before to confirm the details and your participation. Although you are not required to enter all of your items into sales - we highly suggest participating as it’s a great way to clear out some of your items and expose your boutique to a new clientele. 

If we don’t hear back from you after contacting you about an upcoming sale your boutique will automatically be included. If you don’t wish to participate we require written confirmation that your boutique will be hidden for the duration of the event/sale.

If you add items to your store and they don’t sell within 90 days they will automatically be added to our clearance section and 25% will be removed from the seller’s price. We encourage you to try to promote your products prior to that 3-month point in order to sell them at full cost. 

Fakes & Knock-Offs
We have a zero-tolerance policy for any counterfeit goods listed on our marketplace. Why? Because they’re highly illegal, generally poor quality, and they profit off of a stolen brand.

If you list anything our team flags as counterfeit goods on your store, they will be removed immediately, your boutique will be closed permanently and we will be required to report you to the authorities.


Luxury Items
Due to the difficulty associated with verifying luxury brand items, we will not approve any of these items on your marketplace. There are too many risks involved if they happen to be counterfeit, so as a general rule we ask that you don’t sell any luxury brand products.