Shipping Policy

Shipping Fees

Shipping fees are set at a flat rate of R99. Should you order from multiple sellers, expect multiple shipping fees as orders will be collected from various locations across the country.

Order Preparation

After receiving an order, sellers must prepare it by washing, ironing, and ensuring it smells fresh. Read more.

Collection Timeframes

  • Collections requested before 10 am are same-day.
  • Collections requested after 12 pm are next-day.
  • No collections or deliveries occur over the weekend.

Delivery Timeframes

Each seller determines their shipping policy, and delivery times vary, typically between 4-5 working days. All tracking status updates about the order will be sent via email.

Dispatch Requirements

Sellers MUST dispatch orders no more than 2 days after receiving the order.

Shopping Between Sellers

  • Each seller charges its shipping fee.
  • If all items are from the same seller, only one shipping fee applies.
  • For multiple sellers, multiple shipping fees from each apply.

Order/Delivery Queries

Contact the seller/s directly for order and delivery details. For orders from multiple sellers, contact each one individually.

Undelivered Items

If your item hasn't been delivered, contact the seller directly through the 'chat to seller' button on their page. If there's no response or delivery after a reasonable time, forward your purchase confirmation email to or a whatsapp for assistance.

Incorrect Delivery Address

If you input an incorrect address, contact the seller/s immediately. If done within 3 hours of ordering, they should be able to rectify the situation.

International Shipping

Currently, we only ship within South Africa as we're in the early stages of our preloved



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