How to Price Your Clothes

How to Price Your Clothes

How to Price Your Clothes

Pricing your preloved styles can be a little confusing to start with. 

Whether it’s an item that’s brand new with tags or something that’s been worn a little more - it can be difficult to know what price range is reasonable. 

That’s why we’ve identified 3 key factors to take into consideration as you list your items!


How much did the item originally cost you? If your item is still new with the tags, realistically you could aim to sell your item for 60%-80% of the original retail price. 

If it’s been worn but has no defaults, aim to price it around 40%-60% of what it was sold for.

Brand quality

Lower-quality fast fashion brands require a little more wiggle room in terms of pricing. 

Considering these items are quite cheap to begin with, you may have to drop your prices slightly more for shoppers to justify buying the item used as opposed to new. 

Higher quality brands like Topshop, Zara, Urban Outfitters, etc can generally closely follow the pricing formula we’ve outlined in the previous point.  .


Despite our suggested pricing percentages being a good starting point, it’s also important to take a look at other similar items for sale on Wisi-Oi Marketplace to start to gauge what other sellers are consistently listing their prices as. 

You can take a look at different brands or filter items based on product type to speed up your search. 

If you need any assistance or advice on pricing your items or setting up your boutique - don’t hesitate to send us a WHATSAPP!

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