How To Take Better Pictures For Your Store

How To Take Better Pictures For Your Store

We know that taking great photos for your boutique can be pretty time-consuming. Not to mention, a lot of effort goes into taking that perfect shot.

That’s why we compiled a selection of our favorite tips and tricks to help streamline the process and make your gorgeous photoshoots as easy as possible.

Determine what style you want your photoshoot to be.

Your photo aesthetic is incredibly important in helping maintain your brand vibe. Before you get glammed up and set up the camera, you need to make a few decisions.

Will you opt for a more serious catwalk model type photoshoot? Or will your shots be more casual and friendly? Another option to consider is even a candid-style photoshoot. Showcasing your clothing while doing everyday activities like eating, shopping, or walking.

Once you’ve decided on your photo aesthetic, you’re good to go!

Set the scene. Photography can be complicated - but you don’t need to be a professional photographer to get some good flicks! When actually taking your photos, we think there are 3 key things that need to be taken into consideration:

  1. The setting.
    Where are you? Do you have a white wall behind you or an ocean view? Rather than drastically changing up the location and background for every photo, we suggest going along a theme. Want to have an urban background? Shoot throughout the city. Are you mainly shooting bikinis or summer clothing? Maybe choose a beach setting for your shoot. 
  2. Lighting.
    It’s no secret that natural lighting is crucial for gorgeous photos. If you don’t have a full day to plan a photoshoot, then we suggest heading out in the first half of the day. Morning light is strong and bright and will take the difficulty out of trying to edit your photos later. 
  3. Styling.
    Don’t forget to style your outfits! You’re more likely to sell your items of clothing if potential buyers can see how they look styled. Going back to basics, this just means don’t style a formal dress with a pair of tennis shoes, make sure your outfit colors and patterns match, but don’t forget to include your own individual style in there too!

Editing your photos: Contrast & Exposure
The editing process can be a little overwhelming - so if you’re going to play around with image settings, we really recommend just sticking with these 2 areas.

Exposure will help you brighten or darken your image if necessary and contrast assists in dulling colors down or amplifying them. Remember, it’s very important that your photos reflect how your products look in real life.

This means don’t use any crazy filters or edit your images in a way that alter colors and textures to an extreme. 


If you follow these few tips for shooting your products, we can guarantee that your photos will look amazing and be thumb-stopping content for potential shoppers.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for our weekly tips on how to better your boutique and start selling those pre-loved threads! 



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