Boys Of Soweto - Bob The Stylist

Boys Of Soweto Chat With Bob The Stylist

Two weeks ago, we sat down with Bob the Stylist, the creative genius behind Boys of Soweto! 👔✨ From the township to global recognition, Bob's story is packed with inspiration and determination. 🚀

Discover the journey of this trailblazing brand, uncovering the passion, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped Boys of Soweto into a fashion icon. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a fashion lover, this is a must-read! 🎉📸

Let’s jump in! 🔥

" Trust in your journey and stay connected to your purpose. Your authenticity will set you apart."

Bob The Stylist

Boys Of Soweto - Bob The Stylist
Boys Of Soweto - Bob The Stylist
Boys Of Soweto - Bob The Stylist

Thank you for joining us, Bob. Let’s start from the beginning. Could you share the founding story of Boys of Soweto and what inspired its creation?

The brand officially started in 2013, but its roots go back to 2011 when I began a blog with my friends. We called it Boys Of Soweto, and it all started while I was working at a call center. 

I realized that my passion was in styling. I was constantly given compliments on fashion, and one day I decided to pursue it full-time. I quit sending out job applications and dedicated myself to becoming a stylist. 

I took pictures, created a portfolio, and started blogging about fashion from our township perspective. 📸👔

Boys Of Soweto - Bob The Stylist
Boys Of Soweto - Bob The Stylist

That’s an incredible leap of faith. How did you and your friends initially approach the creation of Boys of Soweto?

Initially, it was about creating a portfolio and documenting our style. We wanted to narrate positive stories about young men from the township. The prevailing narrative was often negative, focusing on issues like drug abuse and unemployment. 

We wanted to change that by showcasing confidence, style, and the ambition to create something out of nothing. We dressed up, took pictures, and slowly gained traction. Collaborations with brands like GQ, Palladium, and Ben Sherman helped us grow. 


"One of the main challenges was convincing my friends to see the vision."

We all had different career paths and priorities. Eventually, I had to move forward solo, which was tough. Another significant challenge was financial. 

Building a brand requires investment, and I often had to use my own savings. 

The initial struggle was also about explaining to my family what being a stylist meant, which wasn’t easy. 

Boys Of Soweto - Bob The Stylist

Despite these challenges, there must have been key turning points where you felt the brand was truly taking off. What were some of those moments?

It took time, but some key moments included working with Hennessy as their face for Sub-Saharan Africa. Seeing our work on billboards was surreal. 

Another significant moment was our collaboration with Puma, which led to creating a collection for them. 

Additionally, securing a spot for Boys of Soweto at the Neighbourgoods Market in Johannesburg was a huge milestone. 

These moments confirmed that we were on the right path and gave us the motivation to keep pushing forward.

Boys Of Soweto - Bob The Stylist

Those are indeed pivotal moments. Now that Boys of Soweto is an established brand, how do you maintain authenticity amid changing trends?

For me, it’s about staying true to what I love. I design pieces that I personally want to wear.

While I do keep an eye on trends, my focus is on creating timeless, stylish pieces that resonate with our core identity. 

Authenticity comes naturally when you’re passionate about what you do and stay true to your vision. 👕❤️

That’s a powerful approach. Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs in the fashion industry?

Believe in your vision and be patient. Entrepreneurship involves a lot of trial and error, and you need to be resilient. 

Financially, be smart about your investments and understand that sometimes you need to put your own money into your ideas. 

Lastly, trust in your journey and stay connected to your purpose. Your authenticity will set you apart. 🌱

AESTHETIC ALLEY: Thank you, Bob, for sharing your inspiring journey with us. Boys of Soweto is a testament to passion, resilience, and the power of believing in one’s vision. 👏"

BOB THE STYLIST: Thank you for having me. It’s been a pleasure sharing our story. 😊


Boys Of Soweto - Bob The Stylist

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