Cleaning Out Your Closet 101

Cleaning Out Your Closet 101

Overflowing shelves, wrinkled clothes, and outfit uncertainty are all symptoms of a messy and over-packed closet.
We know that cleaning out your closet is a huge task (if anyone would know, it’s us). But that doesn’t mean you should postpone it!

We’re here to pass on some tips & tricks on how to organize your wardrobe, declutter, and potentially make some cash in the process (*hint*hint* sell your pre-loved threads on Wisi-Oi Marketplace).

So without further ado, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to declutter that closet!

Get ready!

Diving straight into a messy wardrobe unprepared can be absolutely nerve-racking. We suggest that you get yourself ready by doing a few things to make the whole experience straightforward and even fun

Clear your day!

Cleaning out your closet can take anywhere between 2 hours to an entire day. Make sure you have a good chunk of time to stay focused. If you feel like you’re in a rush, chances are you just end up hanging onto things that you never wear

Wear the right clothes!

We suggest a tank top and a pair of biker shorts. This makes it easy to try on dresses, shirts, and pants without having to do a complete wardrobe change

Set the mood!

This shouldn’t be a tedious activity! Make a playlist of your favorite tunes, grab some snacks and a big bottle of water (or a glass of wine) and have some fun!

Organize yourself!
It’s important to know exactly how you want to divide your clothes. Our tip is to have three separate piles 

Get rid of it!
Stains, rips, or worn beyond repair. This pile is for the clothes that have seen better days

Sell/Donate It!

This is for quality clothing in great condition. Maybe you don’t wear it enough, it’s not your style, or it doesn’t fit you anymore. Either way - clothing like this shouldn’t end up in a landfill. If you think it’s up to par for someone else, then click here to check out our easy steps on how to sell your clothes on Wisi-Oi Marketplace 

Keep it!
Yay! This clothing made the cut! Just remember, that if you keep it - that means you should wear it often, and that it makes you feel stylish and amazing!

PRO-TIP: if you haven’t worn an item of clothing for 6 months, that probably means it’s time to let it go. 

What do I need in my closet?

We’re not surprised if it’s difficult to choose what you should keep. We like to organize ourselves by making sure we have a few things in each of the following categories:

  • Formal wear: Dress it up! Blazers, a few nice dresses, blouses,etc.
  • Everyday Wear: Jeans, t-shirts, sundresses, and whatever else you feel comfortable in.
  • Athletic Wear: Get your sweat on - yoga pants, shorts, tank tops, and more. 
  • Outerwear: Jackers, sweaters, hoodies, and coats. 
  • Shoes, shoes, shoes: Make sure you have a pair of shoes for everything: boots, heels, sneakers, etc. 
  • Accessories: Last but not least, keep some key accessories to style up your outfits. Sunglasses, jewelry, scarves, and more. 

If you follow these simple steps, we can guarantee that decluttering your closet will be a fun and therapeutic experience.
Even better, you’ll be super organized and know exactly what you have (and what you should splash out on). 

Written by @Mia Celeste

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