How Social Media Is Playing A Part In Responsible Fashion

How Social Media Is Playing A Part In Responsible Fashion

Social media has always been a fantastic outlet to engage with large groups of people on a personal level.

With the rise of influencers across these platforms, we’ve been able to engage with people whose opinions we value and their recommendations have helped shape our decisions within day-to-day life. A tremendous part of that relates to our fashion choices. 

Influencers have been at the forefront of responsible fashion - using their platforms to educate, create, and help shift values in relation to fast fashion. While there are many people we could talk about, we want to shine a spotlight on 3 fantastic influencers that have worked hard to help promote sustainable fashion. 

Op Shop To Runway blows us away with her incredible taste and knack for styling creative outfits. Just about all of her ensembles include items that are vintage or sourced from thrift shops. Her page is a brilliant place to learn how to create fabulous outfits out of secondhand shop finds. 

Style with a smile is another fantastic page that uses her platform to educate her followers on responsible brands and sustainable clothing practices. She does a wonderful job of using social media to inform people on the ethical responsibilities they have as fashion consumers. 

Last but not least, The Flip Side uses her page to promote slow and responsible fashion while with a highly aesthetic appeal. Not only does she promote small sustainable fashion businesses, but she does it with style - showing her followers that you can have an ethical approach to fashion while still being stylish. 

At Wisi-Oi Marketplace our primary focus is to connect with incredible women just like them. We’re always on the hunt for fashionable and like-minded influencers, encouraging them to use our platform to sell their thrifty clothes and to promote their message of style and sustainability. 

At the end of the day, social media is a powerful tool to distribute information to the masses, and these influencers are some of many that are making waves and changing minds about how we purchase our clothing - leading to a much more sustainable and fashionable future.

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