How To Dress For A Festival


Coachella, Afro Punk, AfroNation, and Tomorrowland are some of the biggest festivals in the world. 

But what is truly a highlight - aside from the music which is also absolutely amazing - is the fact that you get to dress up and look like an absolute knockout. 

Dressing up for festivals is so much fun. From creating outfit mood boards to going out and sourcing outfit pieces to even putting the outfits together and seeing how everything comes together.

What is sad though is the fact that fast fashion is usually where most people sources their outfit pieces from. Fast Fashion may be convenient but it is by no means safe for the planet and for the workers. 

The working conditions are dangerous and the pollution output is severely contributing to the climate change crisis. But this does not need to be the case.

Sustainable fashion is so much better for the environment and for your wardrobe, to be honest. Preloved fashion allows you to be more intentional about your shopping. You slow down your fashion consumption and buy items that you actually like instead of buying on trends. 

Trends come and go and they often are not even that great, to begin with.

If you are looking to start shopping for sustainable fashion, festival outfit planning is the best way to start.

Below I have a guide of Dos and Don’ts on what to wear for guys and girls at a festival. 

Remember, this is just a guide that is meant to give the necessary knowledge to know where to start and what to look out for so that you can look like your best-dressed self.



Ditch the Fur and the Suede

Fur and suede are great in the real world and they are amazing to elevate any outfit. They add character and zest to your outfit and could really set you apart from the rest. But for a festival? 

Leave that at home darling. For a festival, you want to be as light as possible because of the heat and the dust. 

You do not want to be wearing anything too heavy or too thick. Fur and suede also pick up dust quite quickly so if you want to avoid looking dusty at any point, leave the fur and suede at home.

Women dressed for festival having fun

Leave the Flower Crowns

To be absolutely honest with you, flower crowns at festivals are so 2010. They are one of those fast fashion trends that came out of nowhere and took the festival scene by storm. 

They should have stayed in their original era and never come back. If you must have a headpiece, replace it with a bandana or a cute and quirky headpiece with rhinestones.

High heels? Automatic no!!!

I love a good heel more than the next gal. I think heels are amazing to add length to your legs. But for a festival, I would say no. If you want to be dancing around and actually enjoying yourself at the festival then it the best to leave the heels at home. 

I do not want to be the bearer of bad news here but if you are adamant about wearing heels then you will not enjoy your time and you will feel really restricted.


Glitter it UP!!!

Glitter is so much fun. It adds color and dimension to your look because of the sparkle that pops on your face, especially with the light from the sun and the stage lights. 

Add glitter to your eyelids or to the cheekbones to make your face sparkle and shine. 

Women dressed for festival having fun

Oversized Jacket/Shirts

As I said before, you want to stay as light as possible. 

If you are prone to getting cold especially when the sun starts to set, the best way to work around is to have an oversized jacket or shirt as a light and airy layer of clothing that would serve as a barrier. 

It also looks great so it really is a win-win situation.  

Fringes… but on Clothes

I know what you are thinking and it’s probably, why would you add a fringe to your outfit? 

But they are so much fun. 

When you are dancing around and the fringes on your dress, skirt, pants or jacket are swishing around while you are dancing. How fun? 




No Shirtlessness

There is a time and place to go shirtless and that is not at a festival, rather keep that exclusively for the beach and for a pool day.

Going shirtless does make people feel uncomfortable from time to time so to make sure everyone has a good time, leave the shirt on.

Ditch the UV Paint

Have you ever heard the phrase less is more? Yeah, so that applies here more than ever. UV paint is super cool when done well but it often is not. 

If you want to add it as a light add-on like dots around your eyes then it is great but if you want to paint your whole back neon orange? Leave it out.


Pattern it UP!!!

If you are looking to add character to an outfit, wear a fun patterned button-down shirt. Floral shirts have been a staple for many festival-goers. 

Why not make it fun by introducing it as a potential festival outfit piece for your next festival?

Bucket Hats

If the ladies get to have a headpiece, then why can the guys not have their own? 

I will gladly advocate for bucket hats because they are a great accessory and a great source of protection.


Wherever you will be going, know that with this guide you can basically build an incredible outfit to help set you apart from the rest. 

This is meant to and a learning experience for you. If you do not like the feel of glitter but you love the feel of shimmer eyeshadows use that. But festivals are fun. So have fun with it and dance it out.

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