Let's Talk About Thrift Stores In Durban

Let's Talk About Thrift Stores In Durban

Thrift Stores In Durban, South Africa

Do you ever get that feeling of self-fulfillment from a complete outfit of trendy clothes? The biggest problem nowadays with fashion is just how expensive it can be. It's hard to justify spending so much on items that you're not sure you will get a lot of use out of!

But, do you really want to try out all the different options brands have to offer?

There is a fantastic solution for this, thrift shopping and pre-loved marketplaces.

That's right; thrift shops offer all sorts of designer options at extremely affordable prices. 

So, in exchange for the items being second-hand, you get to save some of that hard-earned moola.

Thrift Shops in Durban

In this article, the topic of exploration will be the thrift stores and flea markets in Durban, South Africa.

The thrift shopping and pre-loved fashion culture in South Africa is strong.

So today, we will focus on the city of Durban and its thrifting scene.

Thrift Shops in Durban, South Africa

Let's get into it!


  • Victoria Street Market 

  • Golden Hours Family Market 

  • Musgrave Market

  • 2080 Vintage Thrift Store

  • The Thrift Collection

  • Fantabulous!

  • Eclectic

  • The Tee Shack

Thrift Stores in Durban, South Africa

Flea & THRIFT Markets In Durban

Bear in mind flea markets will have a lot more variety than a thrift store. There are pros and cons to this.

On the one hand, you have a wide range of options. 

On the other hand, however, if you are looking for specific fashion styles, picking out the individual thrift stores might be better.

Flea markets typically tend to have a Facebook page or an Instagram page. So making use of social media is an excellent way to hunt for thrift deals.

Plenty of information on these pages will help you out when deciding to head out to a flea market.

Thrift stores in Durban, South Africa

Victoria Street Market

Perhaps the most well-known flea market in Durban. Victoria Street Market is one of South Africa's premier tourist locations.

It boasts an abundance of items. This market embodies the heart of the South African culture, and this can also be said about the selection of threads on offer.

 In addition, spices, food, and African art are all sold at Victoria Street Market.

The market tends to be open most days at varying times; see their social media pages for more information.

Thrift shops in Durban

Golden Hours Family Market  

Golden Hours Family Market is a strong contender for one of the best flea markets in Durban. This market is family-focused, as the name suggests.

It's a perfect place to get clothes for the family, especially the kids. Moreover, the market is situated in between mango trees with a big playground for the children to have plenty of fun.

Golden Hours Family Market is only open on Sundays from morning to evening.

The market tends to be open most days at varying times; see their social media pages for more information.

Thrift shops in Durban

Musgrave Market  

Musgrave is another very family-friendly flea market, and there is plenty of culture packed in. 

They offer good quality second-hand clothing and a broad range of fashion styles as you would expect from a flea market.


Thrift Stores In Durban

2080 Vintage Thrift Store

2080 is arguably the most popular thrift shop in Durban. The second-hand clothing in stock here is targeted at younger adults. 

However, the brand types are very trendy and bring quality to the shop.

The shop also ships nationwide through its website.


The Thrift Collection

Worth a visit solely just to see how the inventory of second-hand clothes is picked out and displayed creatively. Their social media is worth following to inspire your inner fashionista.

The target audience for this shop is undoubtedly both genders. However, it favors lady's fashion. 

Giveaways are commonly done through their social media pages. All you need to do is visit and search through their posts.

Thrift shops in Durban


Fantabulous stocks clothing suited for both men and women. It has an incredible amount of stock to choose from shirts to blouses.

This shop has options for formal dress, not just trendy vibing get-ups. The way the owner has structured the shop is certainly impressive.

The thrift store has managed to incorporate plenty of variety in the second-hand items for most ages and occasions.



Eclectic's web domain has a lot of furniture featured on it. However, do not let it fool you. 

The shop has plenty of pre-loved clothes available and most things vintage. 

Their contact information is available online if you need to make any queries before visiting.

Thrift shops in Durban

The Tee Shack

This place stands out among all the other shops for those who love to support their favorite sports teams through the clothing they wear.

As the name suggests, they stock plenty of T-shirts. A quick search on their social media will show the creative lineups they have in-house.

With plenty of choices of sports teams, the quality is incredible, verging on brand new. This vintage shop's second-hand products are an international point of interest with an abundance of American sports teams.


Final Thoughts

Each of the thrift shops on this list has a theme they tend to cater to. However, this is not at the expense of the variety they offer.

The majority of the shops either have websites or social media to obtain general information such as opening and closing times.

Durban is a wonderful home for thrift shopping. So when you are next in the area, visit some of them and see what they have to offer.

You never know what unique items you will find in the heart of the thrift culture.

If you don't have a trip to Durban planned, you can always use Wisi-oi Marketplace to search for pre-loved and second-hand fashion wherever you are in South Africa.

Support our local small thrift businesses. Make the sustainable choice of thrifting your clothes.

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