Our Top 3 Favorite Fashion Podcasts

Our Top 3 Favorite Fashion Podcasts


Our Top 3 Favorite Fashion Podcasts 

We love our closets and the outfits that make us feel incredible.

However, at Wisi-Oi, we know that fashion isn’t just about the clothes we wear and that there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes. 

We put together three of our favorite fashion podcasts that go beyond the clothing rack.


Searching for an amazing sustainable fashion podcast?

Then look no further. The host, Clare Press, was the first Vogue sustainability editor so she has a wealth of knowledge to share in regards to ethical fashion and clothing sustainability. 

Every week she interviews international guests and tackles some of the key issues within the fashion industry. 


This weekly podcast discusses amazing vintage and preloved style with a range of guests that you’ll definitely want to go thrifting with. 

Hosted by Emily Stochl from the incredible Brume & Daisy blog, she and her guests discuss style, sustainability, and why they opt to shop for secondhand items. 


Fashion influencers Bianca Foley and Charlotte Williams co-host this addictive podcast where they break down all of the ways they’re making efforts into becoming more sustainable and conscious as influencers. 

Although a key focus of this podcast is about sustainable fashion, they do break down other ways you can be more eco-conscious in other aspects of your life too.

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