Handy Seller Tips

Handy Seller Tips

So, you’re a seller now…

Welcome to Wisi-Oi Marketplace! You made it!

If you're reading this, that means your Boutique has been approved and you're ready to go live. Yay!

We just wanted to pass on some of our wisdom for methods that we guarantee will help you sell more on our platform. You don’t have to do them all, but we definitely suggest doing a few to impress potential customers and to get more chances to be featured on our pages.

Model shots

Strike a pose! Grab a friend and a camera and plan a photo shoot. We want to see you getting creative and taking photos you think people would want to see.

Flat Lays


We love overhead shots and flat lays. Pair together a cute outfit and set the vibe with some additional items. 

Casual photos

Why so serious? Have some fun and show people how they’ll feel when they wear your clothes. 

Video Content

We want to see it all! Behind the scenes, the jokes, costume changes, and anything tik-tok worthy. 

Style those looks

Don’t just wear those shorts - show us how they would look in an outfit. We want to see your style ideas, so sell us more than an item - sell us a look.

Engage with campaigns

Every few weeks we run a themed campaign. If you engage with the theme then you’ll have a higher chance of being featured on our pages. We’ll send you an email with the concept a week before launch. 


Hot Tip: Make sure to always ask your customers to leave you a review! More stars mean more sales. Plus, we’ll feature all of those good testimonials on our social media pages and give your Boutique a shout out. 

We’re always sending out emails to our sellers with the best tips and tricks to make the most out of your experience on our platform. Stay tuned for style guides, fun campaigns, sales, and more. We want you to be apart of it all! 

Thanks for choosing us to declutter your closet and showcase your fashionable style!


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