South African Influencers Are Making Waves On The Sustainable Fashion Front

South African Influencers Are Making Waves On The Sustainable Fashion Front

Up and coming pre-loved fashion marketplace, Wisi-Oi Marketplace, is changing the South African fashion game. Their business model revolves around a simple, yet effective concept - encouraging social media influencers and fashion lovers to use their website as a way of promoting and selling their high quality secondhand clothing. 

Pre-loved clothing is an unexplored concept for some, but in an age of sustainability and a heightened awareness of the effects of our purchasing choices, it’s become clear that secondhand is the answer and influencers are paving the way to break down stigmas and create a reselling movement that everyone can get behind.

Popular curve model, Nqobile Riana Mabizela, otherwise known as Cocoriana, was one of the first South African influencers to choose the sustainable route by joining the Wisi-Oi pre-loved fashion movement. Selling out 80% of her online store within a week was proof that the fashion loving community was ready to embrace the idea of purchasing clothes secondhand, but just desired the endorsement from a trusted style icon.

Established fashion blogger Sihle Stylist, is the latest and most notable addition to the Wisi-Oi influencer circle. Her perfectly curated outfits and flawless fashion sense have shoppers amazed that they’re able to purchase such quality clothing pre-owned and at a much lower price point. 

Between influencers, bloggers, and fashion lovers - sustainability has become stylish and pre-loved fashion marketplaces have made it easy to shop consciously without breaking the bank. So what are you waiting for? Join the hoards of people selling and shopping preloved today.

Written by: Mia Celeste

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