Stay At Home Date Ideas

Stay At Home Date Ideas

stay at home date ideas

Paint & Sip

Who says that you have to go out for a creative activity like this! 

 Wine and art nights are all the rage right now - and you can easily bring them into your own home. 

 Grab a few bottles of wine, some snacks, 2 canvases, and a set of watercolors. You can paint whatever you like.

Prizes for the best painting!

 A Scavenger Hunt

This is one of our all-time favorite date night activities! 

 You and your partner can take turns setting up a fun scavenger hunt for each other in different parts of your home. 

 We like to hide little pieces of paper with clues on them that will eventually lead to the end prize. 

 Bonus points if you can make your clues rhyme!

At Home Movie Theatre

Don’t just call it quits after putting on Netflix. 

Bring your movie night to the next level with a DIY concession stand (we suggest popcorn with different seasonings & an ice cream sundae bar). 

For some added fun, set up a super comfy fort in your living area, make some margaritas, and pick out a bunch of fun romcoms to marathon throughout the evening!

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