Store Photo Requirements

Store Photo Requirements

Hey sellers!

We’ve updated our photo guidelines to reflect buyer feedback and to maintain a Wisi-Oi Marketplace level of quality. Below you’ll find photo examples of what is accepted and the requirements. 

Additionally, we’ve listed what is considered a violation of our guidelines and will be flagged. 


Images uploaded to your boutique must be:

  • No larger than 8MB image size (larger image sizes will not be accepted for upload)
  • 3000 X 4500 pixels
  • 15,24cm x 22,86cm
  • 196 pixels/cm resolution
  • All images need to be portrait, NOT landscape

We do require that the item is clearly visible in every photo. We ask that you model the items so the buyers can see the look and fit of the product. However, in a situation where that is not possible, you may neatly place it against a contrasting background. If you choose to model your outfit, please ensure that you’re in a clean, well-lit area. 

                 Second Hand Clothes       Second Hand Clothing                   

We do ask sellers to post a minimum of 4 different images of the item. We suggest taking photos from different angles, close-ups on detailing, front and back, etc. 

You must ensure that the item is in presentable condition. No visible creases, stains, or discoloration.

We will absolutely not accept:
screenshots of product images,
• images that aren’t your own,
• low-quality photos,
• Images with dirty or dark backdrops,
• Images with creased or unpresentable items

If you post any product images that do not follow these guidelines, we’ll politely ask you to take it down and upload a higher quality image in its place.

Don’t forget - the more effort you put into ensuring your shopfront looks amazing, the more likely you are to be promoted across our platforms and make a bunch of sales on our marketplace.

For any questions or concerns about these guidelines, don’t hesitate to send us a message.

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