The BEST Clothing Thrift Stores in Port Elizabeth

The Best Clothing Thrift Stores In Gqeberha

It comes as no surprise that sustainable shopping has taken South Africa by storm through thrifting. However, these markets are usually concentrated in certain areas that are big fashion hubs such as Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Cape Town.

But what about smaller areas such as Gqeberha (or previously known as Port Elizabeth)? There is so much potential in these areas and so many unclaimed gems, which is incredibly disheartening.

We have realized that there is no use in creating a national sustainable fashion/thrift marketplace if the boutiques are not accessible to everyone. Over and above that, we recognize that there are so many amazing pieces to be bought in the greater Gqeberha region for thrifting.

Top 7 Thrift Stores in Qgeberha

Be that as it may, it is important to recognize that the thrifting culture is different from city to city and the same applies to Qqeberha. Where the culture in Johannesburg and Cape Town are more fashion-focused to match the lifestyle, Port Elizabeth different in that regard.

In Qqeberha, their focus is to slow down consumption to foster a more intentional shopping experience. But how do you find these places? Fear not, your Preloved Fashion Whisperer has got you covered. Let me put you on to our top 7 BEST thrift stores in Port Elizabeth.

The BEST Clothing Thrift Stores in Port Elizabeth

Vintage PE 

This vibey thrift store is also located in a very popular area of Qgeberha. It sources its items locally from local sellers who are looking to declutter their closets and their homes in general. 

Vintage PE has furniture, hats, clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils and so much more that have so much character, you just cannot help but want to have them.

Vintage PE Thrift Store
The BEST Clothing Thrift Stores in Port Elizabeth


As is the case in every thrift community, there are always a few places that specialize in areas. The Backroom does exactly that by specifically focusing on high-end preloved clothing. They have curated an amazing collection of quality fashion brands that are available to be bought.

Not only is they have high-end clothing but the assortment is quite extensive. They have everything from casual, formal, and smart wear. They also have handbags, scarves, and shoes! SHOES everyone!!!

They are also a physical location in Port Elizabeth and they have a very efficient website as well for you to get to know who they are and what they stand for. A really cute store if you ask me.

The Backroom

Starting strong with Angelicas Fashions. This quirky thrift store is located in Port Elizabeth and is honestly the cutest thing. It offers a bunch of different merchandise such as clothing, footwork, and authentic vintage leather stores. 

Not only do they offer an array of different thrift clothing items, but they also offer really good quality preloved clothing.

This is a physical store in Qgeberha that has reasonable shopping hours. It is also quite accessible, which is perfect if you just want to make a quick stop during your retail day.

Charity Shoppe

Located in Qqeberha, Charity Shoppe is a quaint charity & thrift store that sells a bunch of bits and bobs as well as a selection of both men’s and women’s fashion clothing. Their items are locally sourced and are very well displayed.

They have an amazingly helpful staff that is always keen on helping find any new goody such as kitchen items, furniture, books and so much more. It is definitely worth giving them a visit and saying “Hello” to the very lovely people there.

Meni’s Bargain Box

Meni’s Bargain Box is exactly as it says it is, a bargain box. They have some of the most affordable thrift / preloved items in Qgeberha. 

They are also a physical store located in Newton Park. Their fashion selection is quite sophisticated so you are almost guaranteed to find something unique to add to your closet.

Meni’s Bargain Box

The Mission Box 

Very similar to Meni’s Bargain Box, This thrift store offers both offer great bargains. The Mission Box has just as many different gems to select from that you can not only add to your homes in different capacities.

Let me tell you what, the added benefit to thrifting at The Mission Box is that they have coffee AND cake. Imagine thrifting and after you find amazingly cute items to add to your homes and closet? Sign me up right now!

Last but not least is Wagtails Charity Shop. This one is a golden find with a golden purpose. They are a charity shop that runs mainly on donations and volunteers. They donate their proceeds to the Animal Welfare Society of Port Elizabeth.

Wagtails Charity Shop is heavily geared to bettering the welfare of animals. 

They believe that every living creature has a fundamental value because they are sentient, feeling beings. Because of this, they have focused their efforts on raising enough money through their sales to support this cause.

Charity stores are honestly some of the best places to thrift, and find unique clothes, furniture, books, and even toys. And what better way to do that shop sustainably than to support a store with a cause.

The BEST Clothing Thrift Stores in Port Elizabeth
The BEST Clothing Thrift Stores in Port Elizabeth

Final Thoughts

We have been through where to thrift in Johannesburg and what that entails. But there is so much potential in Qgeberha.

There are probably a lot more thrift stores in Port Elizabeth for you to get through but use this as a guide to get you started. Take this list, grab a few friends and make a thrift day of it.

Hop from thrift store to thrift store, making your list, even if it is not to buy anything. It is just nice to know where to find unique things. Discover new places with some friends and let us know which store has been your favorite and why.

Also, take the time to leave the store a comment to let them know how your experience was. It really does mean a lot to a small business, especially those that are focused on sustainability.

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    Hi I was wondering if you can assist me in how to get started in selling my second hand clothing I have a mixture of vintage and other type my daughter is also a thrifter she has a pop up shop in pe she is in Irvine Street and has quite a bit of stock that she needs to move perhapes you could help her to try and sell some of her stuff as well much appreciated thanking you Eileen kretschmann from east lodon

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