Upcycle meets Resell Fashion. A South African Collab for sustainable fashion.

Upcycle Meets Resell: The Story Behind The Collab


Phumi Körber - Founder Wisi-Oi Marketplace

Upcycling meets Resell. The Rethread x Wisi-Oi collar. The sustainable future of fashion.


As a fashion preloved marketplace, Wisi-Oi Marketplace loves how fashion can be a counter-trend. The mere fact that 80s fashion staples that had seemingly gone out of fashion and made an incredible re-entrance is unbelievable. 

We believe that one’s person’s coal could be someone else’s diamond if it's styled differently. 

And more than anything, we believe that the world needs to be freed from the talons of fast fashion because the quality is hardly going to last long enough for a re-emergence. There are just far better ways to shop.

Upcycling meets Resell. The Rethread x Wisi-Oi collar. The sustainable future of fashion.

Fashion is how we show people who we are. If anything, fashion is how we begin our journey of self-expression. 

Everything from how we style our clothes in spectacularly unique ways, how we reinvent basics to suit who we are to how we upcycle cut-offs to create something incredible is why we love fashion so much.

"Rethread is a fashion brand - our mission is to marry circular fashion design with contemporary style & we do so mostly through upcycling!"  - Alexa Schempers - Rethread founder

Rethread is an incredibly remarkable brand because of the stance and the direction it has chosen to take. A brand that can be so bold as to step into new waters that have not been completely explored and introduce such daring products, is the kind of tenacity we want to support. 

Who is Rethread?

Rethread is a fashion brand that was established out of a pursuit of a more sustainable wardrobe without looking drab. But unfortunately, at the time Rethread was established, there were very few brands that were both sustainable and fashionable.

Similar to our journey at Wisi-Oi, shopping sustainably became difficult because there were few places that offered a centralized place to shop for different looks that are of high quality. What makes this collaboration so special is that we had the same lightbulb moment where we created a space for people to buy and sell seasoned items so that others could add a ‘newness’ to their wardrobes without negatively affecting the environment.

Upcycling meets Resell. The Rethread x Wisi-Oi collar. The sustainable future of fashion.

So, that being said, what can you expect from this collaboration? To put it plainly, excellence and reinvention. On the Wisi-Oi Marketplace, you can expect to find some of Rethread’s recent pieces from their AW/22 collection, some of their sample pieces, overruns and other preloved goodies. 

Now pair that with Wisi-Oi’s platform and our unique statement pieces and you’ve arrived at a clothing utopia! But a few tips from one sustainable shopper to another? 

Sustainability is the future and with that comes mindful shopping. 

That means:

  • Less is more. As hard as that may be, it is how we are meant to be shopping. 
  • Focus on quality over quantity. Be more intentional with what you buy and why you’re buying it. 
  • Stop with the fashion hauls because that throws you back into the cycle of mindless buying. 
  • If something is old, torn or you feel it is outdated, sell it or mend it, which is what this collaboration is meant to do – to show that you can upcycle, as Rethread has done, or sell it, which is why Wisi-Oi exists.

Upcycling meets Resell. The Rethread x Wisi-Oi collar. The sustainable future of fashion.


Fashion is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Fashion is a way for us to express who we are in creative and unique ways. But for that to happen, you need to take your time to know yourself and to learn what you like and what you don’t, which is what both Wisi-Oi Marketplace and Rethread have done. And when you do, you’ll find that certain things are just a natural fit, just like this collaboration.

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