Welcome To The World of Secondhand Influencers

Welcome To The World of Secondhand Influencers


Let’s be real, we all have a selection of social media influencers that we absolutely love to follow. From travel inspo and relatable anecdotes to style tips and beyond - influencers have definitely caught our attention. 

With the rise of pre-loved fashion, a new demographic of influencers have stolen the spotlight. A group that focuses on educating their following, providing style advice, and even selling their own clothes to their community. Welcome to the world of secondhand influencers. 

Not long ago, there was a slight stigma associated with purchasing second hand clothes. However, Instagram savvy stylists and thrifters have been quick to bridge that gap and show how pre-loved is sustainable, fashionable, and a profitable business model. 

How did they do it?

There’s no simple answer to how this wave of influencers changed up the game and got the world excited about choosing used. But we can definitely outline a few key things that they did to get people listening. 

Normalizing secondhand

Influencers like Mila Guan helped to start a conversation about thrifting. By posting pictures of her trendy outfits and identifying which items were secondhand, she normalized the idea of pre-loved and erased any stigma that may have been associated with buying and wearing resale fashion.


Educating the fashion loving community

Elizabeth, aka ZeroWasteCutie has dedicated her platform to educating her followers on many things, primarily fashion and climate-related. Her cute graphics are informative and interesting - tackling topics like unethical fast fashion, industry terminology, and sustainable clothing. Through her work, she’s been able to introduce her 19K+ community to the side of fashion that is often swept under the rug - starting a conversation about why we should be shopping more consciously. 

Styling it up

If there’s one thing influencers can do well, it’s styling a thumb-stopping feed of content. Aarica Nichole does just that. By regularly showcasing expertly styled vintage outfits, she’s curated a page that really shows how trendy pre-loved can be. One look at this colorful account and you’ll be inspired to start thrifting right away!

Making secondhand accessible

The most monumental thing that influencers have done for the pre-loved fashion industry is making quality used garments accessible to their communities. Ever wanted to shop your favorite influencer’s closet? Well, now you can. Olivia from The Metal Romantic did just that. By sourcing quality vintage items from thrift shops and her own closet, she’ll make alterations and sell them on her own boutique page - making it way more convenient for people to shop pre-loved. 

We couldn’t be more grateful for the influencers that are doing the work to create a buzz around secondhand fashion.

At Wisi-Oi Marketplace our main focus is to assist with this incredible work by providing a platform for influencers to sell their clothes. We think that the thrifting process should be fun, straightforward, and convenient. And thanks to the power of social media and digital marketplaces, it can be! 

So what are you waiting for? Now’s the perfect time to join the pre-loved fashion movement by shopping used or selling your closet on wisioi.com.


Written by our in house brand manager @miaceleste

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