Where To Buy Authentic Sneakers Online In South Africa

If you are a sneakerhead, you know that counterfeits are a massive problem for the sneaker community and as a result, finding authentic premium sneaker suppliers is so difficult to come by.

That said, your favorite Fashion Godmother and Sneaker Appreciator is here with a carefully curated list of a variation of stores, both physical and online, that you could walk into or browse online that would deliver straight to your door. 

It is worth remembering though that since the start of the pandemic, shopping online has become a lot more accessible than it has before. Where stores previously had physical stores, they have now adapted their websites to allow for online shopping and browsing of their products. How fantastic!

So where can you buy authentic brand new sneakers from the best brands? Here are a few places:

Sneaker collection


Website: Shelflife

Shelflife is a premium local South African sneaker retailer that sells genuine, high-end products that may be found on their shelves. Their first physical online store opened in 2006 and they later chose to join the online space in 2009.

Over the past decade, Shelf life has only grown from strength to strength as a reliable and reputable sneaker retailer supplying the local market. 

Not only do they sell authentic sneakers, but they also sell the best in exclusive streetwear apparel to customers worldwide. Shelflife is also known for the events they host, especially when there are new sneakers that are going to be launched. Their speciality includes stocking exclusive sneakers with a generous selection of all essential sneakers.

Office London

Website: Office London

If you’re not much of a sneakerhead, but still love the comfort and sneakers provided, Office London might just be the place for you. They stock some of the best essential sneakers that would be perfect for any wardrobe. 

Their wide range of dominating top brands such as Nike, Adidas, Converse and Puma make them your one-stop sneaker shop for all your sneaker essentials at really affordable prices.


Website: Shesha

Similar to Shelflife, Shesha sticks both the latest and most essential sneakers as well as some incredible apparel. They cater for people of all ages and sizes, from kids to adult sneakers. Because they are a major seller of the latest and most authentic basketball apparel, they make it a point to publicise their latest launches


Website: XTrend

As a branch of The X-Cross Trainer, you already know that their sportswear apparel will be out of this world! Like most places, they too stock quite an extensive range of essentials but both their physical and online stores have incredible sports were exclusive to their stores.

Despite having an online store, I always prefer to go into this store because they always have gems that are exclusive to the stores that aren’t typically online. 

Now onto some of my favourite stores because they are sneaker resellers. Sneaker Resellers are stores that sell preloved exclusive sneakers at a discounted price for products that are still in great condition.

The secondary sneaker market - very similar to the sustainable and preloved thrifting markets - is not as established as they are abroad. Nonetheless, what we have is perfect because their stocks compete with some of the bigger international resellers. 

South Africa's Most Reliable Sneaker resellers

Court Order

Website: Court Order

Court Order is a South African-based resale company that offers a carefully curated selection of the best sneakers and streetwear available anywhere.

They verify all their products using a multi-step procedure that gives customers unmatched access to the best products the industry has to offer while also giving them peace of mind.

They make it their mission to locate uncommon products from around the globe to provide you with a distinctive point of distinction because we are sneaker and streetwear fans.

La Familia Street Culture

Website: La Familia Street Culture

Disclaimer, if you are a die-hard sneaker collector, La Familia Street Culture is just the place for you. La Familia is a South African-based reseller that was established in 2014 in Johannesburg.

They specialize in the resale of some of the world's most unique and limited-edition sneakers, streetwear, and accessories. Since its inception, it has gathered and consigned the most desirable brands and luxury goods for the urban consumer. They even offer a personal concierge service!

Sweat Kicks

Website: Sweat Kicks

As one of the top online sneaker retailers in the nation, Sweat Kicks is a South African brand that carries premium sportswear products, authentic sneakers and streetwear at reasonable prices.

If you are something of a sneaker connoisseur, then you know that sneaker collectables are hard to come by, especially good quality, authentic ones. When shopping on Sweat Kicks, they make it their goal to carefully curate their product selection to make sure that it is simple for you to acquire the newest sneakers and streetwear.


Website: Lemkus

Lemkus is a streetwear e-commerce fashion retailer based in Cape Town. It is one of the leading retailers in premium sports footwear and apparel in South Africa. They cater for all sneaker enthusiasts.

Founded by Jack Lemkus in 1935, he started off selling sporting equipment, hobbies and toys. As the company grew, more brands started approaching Lumkus such as Adidas and Asics. Now they are one of the country’s leading and most reputable streatwear and sneaker resellers. 

To continue this spirit of maintaining the sneaker sustainability movement, there are a few marketplaces that buy and sell preloved sneakers while giving the sellers basically all the selling power. These marketplaces essentially create a platform for people to effectively sell their preloved wonders. 

These are some of them:

Sneakers Spaza

Website: Sneaker Spaza

If you’re looking to get rid of some of your preloved sneakers or premium streetwear apparel, Sneakers Spaza is a good place to start.

To begin selling your incredible items on the platform. The first thing you would need to do after contacting the personnel, you fill in a form, explaining all the details of the sneakers. These details must include the name of the sneaker, the size, the original price tag and the condition of the sneakers.

Once the details are sent, a mail is sent to the seller who approves the listing. Finally, the sneakers as shipped to Sneaker Spaza and authenticated. Once that process is done, the Sneaker Spaza then releases the funds to the seller and the sneakers are added to the website.


Website: Wisi-Oi  

If you are looking for a more hands-on approach, you can have absolute control over your store and what you sell your preloved sneakers and other apparel. To begin, Wisi-Oi is a preloved marketplace that has based its ethos around sustainability. So how does one start selling sneakers? It’s simple:

Create a Sneaker Inventory 

The first thing you need to do is to start by either clearing your closet to identify clothes and sneakers you would like to sell. Following this, simply take photos of the sneakers you would like to sell and keep them on hand so you may upload them when necessary.


Create a Store on the Wisi-Oi Marketplace 

Click here to watch the tutorial on how to start your Wisi-Oi store.  

Once your images are prepared, set up your store by logging into your seller profile to begin the formal procedure. Upload your seller profile photo, and your logo, and give your store a distinctive name before anything else.

The next step is to write a thorough store description; this is where your fictitious business plan will be helpful. Because it is an online store, you need to establish your seller policy, which should include your Wisi-Oi exchange and refund policies. Add your lovely sneaker photographs and a description to start the exciting phase. The more specific, the better.

Marketing via Instagram

Add your shop link to your Instagram bio once your store is ready to use so that your followers can know that you are selling on Wisi-Oi. Social media is a fantastic tool for marketing because it enables you to reach the greatest number of people and is relatively affordable, especially if you are just starting out.

With regards to Wisi-Oi, you as the seller have a lot more autonomy when it comes to the pricing of your sneakers. Because the Wisi-Oi essentially allows you to create your own boutique, you set the look and feel of how you want to market your boutique. In essence, it is like running your own business but without any of the logistical hassle.

It is completely understandable that when you are upgrading your wardrobe, you may want to get rid of some items that have only been worn a handful of times.

By selling some of your preloved sneakers through Wisi-Oi, you also directly participate in a fashion movement that supports sustainability and extends the life span of some of your favourite sneakers and clothing by giving them a new home.

Fashion is such an important part of self-expression. That said, having great shoes to match an even greater outfit is key. But sometimes, you do not need to have the newest shoes, you just need to have the most usable shoes that can elevate your wardrobe.

It’s honestly more sustainable that way. And if you’re a sneaker enthusiast, there is space for you too in this sustainable fashion movement. Just be more conscious and remember that less is more.


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  • LeeAnn Van Niekerk

    Can I please get a catalogue with prices list as I want to resell

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