Where To Sell Second Hand Clothes In Cape Town?

Where To Sell Second Hand Clothes In Cape Town?

Where To Sell Second Hand Clothes In Cape Town?

Sustainability continues to be a growing concern throughout every industry. 

From fuel and cars to food and fashion, consumers understand the environmental impact of the products they use and are looking for ways to decrease it.

Now, imagine you’ve just landed in the city of Cape Town, or you are there already.

And as a thrifter, professional or just starting out, you need to coordinate a look that will not only make them all stop and stare, second hand clothes will feel good to your pocket and be great for the world around you. 

Where To Sell Second Hand Clothes In Cape Town?


Help the rural child

Let’s kick it off with the pre-loved store with a purpose. Yes. They all have a purpose. 

Help The Rural Child is a charity shop chain that forms part of the Goedgedacht Trust! 

The people of Cape Town donate all items, and they carry not only great second hand fashion but also have books, household goods, and so much more. 

So you and your home can look good while you do good.

Where To Sell Second Hand Clothes In Cape Town?

Chic Mamas Do Care

This purpose-driven second hand clothes store was started when founder, Abigél Sheridan, felt the need to do something about the poor quality of early childhood education and poverty in South Africa.

What started as Exclusive Fashion Exchange parties in her home has now become Chic Mamas Do Care. 

With a store in Wynberg, another in Hout Bay, and two more in Joburg and Durban, these ladies will have you looking designer chic for cheap with gorgeous second hand clothes.

Where To Sell Second Hand Clothes In Cape Town?

Coats for Africa

They don't call it the windy city for nothing!

And depending on the time of year, you might want to visit this store before you do anything else. The coats range from new to second hand and vintage. 

We’ve heard the men’s section has quite the gems, so don’t be shy to start there. But the store, which can be found on the popular Long Street, is also a great place to put together an entire ensemble. 

You might need to do some digging as the store is packed with affordable second hand clothing, but it will all be worth it! 

Where To Sell Second Hand Clothes In Cape Town?


If it’s an all-around vintage experience you are looking for, SecondHand Rose is where you’ll find it. The second hand store, the oldest in Cape Town, has been running since 1971. 

They carry items that go as far back as the early 1900s, while their newer pieces include international luxury brands like Fendi and Burberry and local greats like Country Road and G-Couture. 

You can put together a stunner of an outfit with SecondHand Rose at Cavendish Close in Claremont.

Where To Sell Second Hand Clothes In Cape Town?
Where To Sell Second Hand Clothes In Cape Town?

Second Time Around

Firstly, what a fun name! Secondly, what started as a vintage store in the trendy Long Street 45 years ago, has now grown into an online offering, still serving up second hand vintage realness! 

The unique pieces are specially selected to cater to the thrifter with a bit of a dramatic flair. 

Think of an era in fashion, and they’ve got a great item from it. 

Where To Sell Second Hand Clothes In Cape Town?

Never New 

Another one with a fun name! Never New is a fairly new kid on the thrifting store block and is as cool as you’d expect it to be. 

A growing fan favourite, the store in Observatory is chock-full of bright colours, beautiful patterns, graphic tees, and rows of jewellery and accessories. 

There’s new stock every week, so you are sure to find something that you like every time you visit.

Where To Sell Second Hand Clothes In Cape Town?


It was founded by Katie Pearse, who graduated from the London College of Fashion. 

She returned to South Africa and saw the gap in the second hand clothing market.

Where To Sell Second Hand Clothes In Cape Town?

The Milnerton Flea Market  

Next, we have a whole flea market! This open-air stretch of second hand goodness has been a thrifter’s dream for over twenty years! 

Not only do over 250 stands give you the thrill of unending bargain finds, but shopping with the gorgeous ocean backdrop is a breeze at this iconic fair and is the cherry on top!

Make a day of it! As you get your outfit together, pick up a few collectibles, set your home up with antiques, and have a quick meal at a food stall.

Where To Sell Second Hand Clothes In Cape Town?

Sell Second Hand Clothes Online

Sustainability is possible! There are many ways to do and enjoy the things you love in a more earth-friendly way. 

This is the list we came up with, but we know that a hole-in-a-wall treasure trove is the order of the day in Cape Town, and that’s where some of the best second-hand fashion can be found. 

So, tell your friends about all the places you discover and the pop-ups that can’t be found in a web search.

But for the digitally inclined lovers of thrift fashion, WISI-Oi is an online fashion resale marketplace. Here, you can not only buy the pre-owned fashion that sets you apart, but you can also sell it too.

WISI-Oi lets you create a free boutique where you can become a second-hand seller, and we offer safe and secure payments, collect the item from the seller and deliver it to the shopper. 

So you can do your bit for mother earth in the 21st century.


All you have to do is create your profile on our seller page and provide a description for your clothes — please make sure they are in excellent condition. We want your shoppers to look and feel as you did when you first got them.

Upload a minimum of four top-quality pictures — get the lighting and angles just right, and you're ready for business! When you receive an order, package it beautifully and send us a Whatsapp, and we'll send a courier to collect it from you at ZERO cost to you.. 

And just like that, you’ve turned your second hand clothes into cash.

Payments are made twice a month to the seller, and we only charge a small commission of 25% for every item sold. 

Take a look at how WISI-Oi works and make your contribution to sustainable fashion.

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