Where to sell vintage sneakers

Where To Sell Vintage Sneakers In South Africa

There comes a time in every sneaker enthusiast's life when they realize that purchasing a new pair of sneakers is in order.

However, the general frustration most sneakerheads face is that they do not know where to sell their authentic vintage or preloved sneakers to people who would genuinely appreciate them. 

Basics are easy to find at any retail store, but what about the exclusive sneakers that sneaker houses only produce a limited supply of? Unfortunately, those are rare to find and even trickier to sell. 

Here, there are two ways one can go about selling vintage sneakers. 

The first is that one could sell them directly to sneaker resellers, which comes with its advantages.

Where to sell vintage sneakers in South Africa

The second way is to thrift them on resale marketplaces like Wisi-Oi Markteplace. Wisi-Oi is South Africa's fastest-growing fashion marketplace where sneakerheads can sell their sneakers that are still in excellent condition to anyone in South Africa. 

Fear not, as always, your Fashion Fairy Godmother (aka full-blown-sneaker-lover) has just the guide for you. 

Below, I have listed several reputable sneaker resellers to which you could sell your authentic, good-quality vintage and preloved exclusive sneakers. 

Those who are not too clear on what a sneaker reseller is, let me quickly let you in. Resellers are sneaker enthusiasts that track sneaker launches and anticipate which sneakers will perform the best.

Thereafter, they do trend analysis to determine if the demand for specific sneakers will still be high in the long run. They then buy sneakers for reduced amounts and sell them at market value based on the condition and demand for the sneakers.

South Africa also happens to have some of Africa's best and most reputable resellers.

Here's a list of sneaker resellers in South Africa

Where to sell vintage sneakers in South Africa

Cape Kickz

First, we have Cape Kickz. They are home to some of the market's most exclusive pairs of resellable sneakers. You can buy, sell, and even consign sneakers and streetwear on Cape Kickz, an actual sneaker marketplace. 

By making an account, you can shop more quickly, get updates on the status of your orders, and keep track of prior purchases.

Court Order

Court Order is another reseller that has a carefully curated selection of some of the best sneakers and streetwear offered in the South African resale market. 

Customers receive unlimited access to the top sneakers on the market has to offer as well as peace of mind thanks to their multi-step authentication process.

La Familia Street Culture

Disclaimer, if you are a die-hard sneaker collector, La Familia Street Culture is just the place for you. La Familia is a South African-based reseller established in 2014 in Johannesburg. 

They specialize in the resale of some of the world's most unique sneakers, streetwear, and accessories. Since its inception, it has gathered and consigned the most desirable brands and luxury goods for its customers. They even offer a personal concierge service!

Limited Run

Limited Run, are a location and platform where fans of sneakers may find some of the most sought-after sneakers and streetwear available. In addition, the creators of Limited Run are enthusiastic and advent sneaker collectors.

They provide a platform where you can browse, sell or purchase a pair of sneakers, a piece of streetwear, or a 'holy grail' item that you may have missed on release day or something you have long desired but have been unable to obtain. Their streetwear and sneakers are also authenticated and verified to be authentic.

Where to sell vintage sneakers in South Africa

Sole Reserve

At the beginning of 2020, Sole Reserve was established to give South Africans access to the newest, most hyped shoes and streetwear. They place a high priority on making sure that their items are fairly priced to satisfy their clients.

They only provide their customers with sneakers that are in high demand. Each item goes through a rigorous inspection to assure guaranteed authenticity.

Story Cape Town

A premium consignment and reseller store for streetwear, collectibles, and sneakers. Story is an incredible shop located in both Cape Town and online. 

With Chris Jack and Lukas J. Marais as its owners, Story has quickly grown to be one of the most well-known bands in Cape Town and South Africa. They keep a range of sneakers, expensive clothing items, and accessories in their upscale location.

Sweat Kicks

As one of the top online sneaker retailers in South Africa, Sweat Kicks carries some of the most expensive shoes and streetwear at reasonable prices. However, if you are something of a sneaker connoisseur yourself, then you know that sneaker collectibles are hard to come by, especially good quality, authentic ones. 

When shopping on Sweat Kicks, they make it their goal to carefully curated their product selection to make sure that it is simple for you to acquire the newest sneakers and streetwear.

The Sole Provider

Last but not least, we have The Sole Provider. Their goal as an online sneaker store is to give you access to the newest releases. They have experienced what it's like to miss out on the latest releases and the heartache of being taken advantage of and mistreated by dishonest "re-sellers."

They are committed to giving consumers the newest sneakers and streetwear without the bother because of this. So simply place your pre-order, and soon you'll be holding the holy grail you've been seeking!

Wisi-oi marketplace

Then there is WISI-Oi, South Africa's fasted growing resale marketplace, where you start selling your new or vintage sneakers by opening your own online boutique.

Through the app, it's easy to open up a boutique and you can start selling your kicks within minutes from the convenience of your cellphone.

Download the Android App OR the iOS App now.

Where to sell vintage sneakers in South Africa
Where to sell vintage sneakers in South Africa


Social media is a great marketing tool. It allows you to reach an enormous amount of people very conveniently. It is also great for creating brand awareness and trust. 

If you have already established a culture of truthfulness with your followers, where you make it known that you stand by authenticity, then finding a buyer for your sneakers will be a walk in the park. 

Word of mouth works wonders, and people tend to trust recommendations from people they trust. 

The first step would then be to post your sneakers on your Instagram. In that post, you would describe what the sneakers are, how old they were when you purchased them, and the condition of the sneakers. 

Towards the end of the description, add the price you would like the sneakers to be sold for. Share the post to your Instagram story and encourage your followers to do the same.


Another great platform to sell some goodies, especially something of value such as sneakers, is Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace operates very similarly to selling your sneakers on Instagram. 

The major difference here is that you do not necessarily need to have a huge following or any following at all, for that matter. 

All you would be required to do is upload the image of the sneakers you want to sell and include a description and price onto the marketplace, 

 where many other sellers upload all sorts of products they want to get rid of.
Facebook creates a tab on the App itself so that all the products are easy to find. The App also gives the buyers access to the seller so that you can arrange delivery or pick-up.

Simple, easy, and hassle-free.Still don't think you fit into any of these two major categories? Then, I have just the place for you.

Wisi-Oi A resale fashion marketplace

Wisi-Oi is an online pre-loved fashion marketplace that offers the best of both worlds: seller autonomy and ease of establishment. 

Wisi-Oi allows you to run your own thrift store without any administrative hassles. You simply sign-up, upload your images, add a seller description, and then 'design' your online shopfront. Wisi-Oi is also quite the audience that gives you the initial exposure most small businesses struggle with.

Still not convinced? Well, here are the ways you as a seller could benefit from opening a boutique through Wisi-Oi:

Download the Wisi-Oi Android App
Download the Wisi-Oi iOS App

  • Well, first things first, the convenience. Wisi-Oi offers you the benefits of starting your own business without lengthy processes. On the Wisi-Oi Marketplace platform, you have the same amount of control over your store as you would if you operated it independently. Without having to perform any laborious administrative work, you still have control over the appearance and feel of your store.

  • Wisi-Oi is also an established marketplace. This is not just us bragging; because of Wisi-Oi's reach. Because of this, your chances of being noticed by other potential clients are far higher than if you handled everything independently.
     Our 15 000+ followers on Instagram constantly enjoy seeing some new products on the Wisi-Oi Instagram, where we regularly promote our vendors and the goods they sell.

  • And how about the size? Do not worry at all since we also have you covered. There will be existing sizing on our marketplace because most of the clothing is secondhand.
    But if you're concerned, we offer a sizing chart that might help you estimate your size based on the seller's inventory. The sizing chart, for example, will inform you what number category you fall into if you are a size "Large" and what the vendor has shown in their store.
  • Additionally, Wiso-Oi manages payments on your behalf. Managing your company's finances may seem overwhelming at first, especially if you're also processing incoming orders, managing your online store, and scheduling shipments. It frequently comes readily to hand.

  • With Wisi-Oi, the seller receives 75%, and we collect 25% of the item price while. In addition, we have a structured payment system that collects all payments made on the website, deducts our 25%, and deposits the remaining funds directly into the seller's bank account twice a month.
  • We are very concerned about sustainability, so we have established this marketplace. You can directly support the global movement for sustainable fashion by opening an online apparel business on Wisi-Oi. You contribute to extending the useful life of garments that you may have only worn a few times.

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