Why 2020 Is The Year For Resale Fashion?

Why 2020 Is The Year For Resale Fashion?

It’s no surprise that re-sale fashion has been gaining popularity over the past few years - but what no one expected was for the industry to grow dramatically in a COVID battered economy.

A quick glance at ThredUp’s 2020 resale report shows that this year is on track to be the ultimate year for thrifty and secondhand fashion, with online sales set to grow 69% between 2019 and 2021. But how is that even possible?

Most thrift shoppers were originally purchasing resale clothes for a few key reasons: it’s good for the environment, it’s often cheaper than purchasing new clothes, and they’re more likely to find some unique threads. Yet it has amplified the need for quality low-cost apparel to a whole new level as many household budgets are slashed in a COVID world.

On the other side of the coin, ThredUp also reported that 50% more people are cleaning out their closets now than they were pre-COVID to organize their homes and make some extra money.

These two groups of people are the prime reasons that the resale fashion industry is skyrocketing in 2020 - giving rise to user-run secondhand online marketplaces like Depop, Asos marketplace, and our very own Wisi-Oi Marketplace. These are quality resale websites where users can simultaneously sell their unwanted clothing and purchase anew - making some extra cash and upping their fashion game without breaking the bank.

While a majority of people in this recent wave of resale shopping may do it out of necessity - there is increased care and concern over ethical production, environmental costs, and giving clothing a second chance at life. We’re confident that 2020 will be the year for boundless growth and understanding for the resale fashion industry.

Written by: Mia Celeste

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