Why You Should Shop Secondhand This Black Friday

Why You Should Shop Secondhand This Black Friday

Black Friday is by far, the biggest retail holiday of the year. With huge discounts and amazing deals across the board, it’s no secret as to why. However, it’s not really a great day for the planet. 

With rampant overproduction of products ranging from clothing to technology, combined with the unnecessary disposal of quality and functioning items to make way for slightly newer replacements - it’s clear that the environmental impact of the holiday is extremely negative. 

But what if you could shop sales while still leaving a positive impact on the environment? 

As it turns out - you can!

Once again, the secondhand industry is here to save the day! Rather than calling for a total boycott of the retail holiday, many are opting to choose used in an effort to make sustainable purchasing choices during the sales period. But what a lot of people don’t realize, is you get even more than expected when you start shopping pre-loved. 

Online Shopping

Hit the sales from your couch.

Say goodbye to waiting in long lines and battling huge crowds while doing your Black Friday shopping! Most major secondhand marketplaces are based online, giving shoppers the flexibility of purchasing items from the comfort of their own homes. So the only thing you need to do to get ready is: open your laptop, get comfortable, and start clicking.  

Stand out from the crowd!

Gone are the days when you’d run into someone wearing the exact same outfit as you. The beauty of purchasing secondhand is that you won’t really find a bunch of things for sale that look exactly the same. Instead, you’ll be browsing through a product pool of unique and quality items that are looking for a new home.

It’s good for the planet.

Shopping secondhand is actually amazing for the environment! Especially on a day like Black Friday. Choosing used helps to gradually eliminate the mass production of products, decrease the amount of quality clothing ending up in landfills, and reduce the amount of packaging for shipping (compared to purchasing something brand new)


Many people are unsure of how to even begin selling their own clothing or items that they’re ready to part with. Between the promotion of pre-loved marketplaces and encouraging consumers to opt for secondhand, we’re all being exposed to the resale eco-system. This means more people are likely to begin engaging with these platforms not just as buyers, but potentially as sellers too. 

We love a great sale just as much as anyone - so why should you have to turn your back on great deals? By shopping secondhand you’re not only levelling up your fashion game, but you’re also helping out the planet and contributing to an eco-friendly future. 

Learning is just the first step, now it’s time to get involved! Stay tuned for our epic pre-loved Black Friday deals at Wisi-Oi or take a look at how to start selling your own items on our marketplace.


Written by Wisi-Oi Marketplace brand manager @miaceleste

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