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Your Last Year? My New Year!

Have you noticed how certain items will stay in fashion by just being restyled or come back in style after a few years?


Last year, leather pants were seen as an outdated garment from the 80s and now they have been reinvented and worn by a younger generation.


The same trend is seen with many other garments such as bell-bottom jeans and fringed accessories. 


The fast pace of fashion trends creates a huge problem for the fashion industry.


After a few years (or even weeks) people are ready to toss their “old” clothes for newer and more trendy items.

On average, clothing retailers release about 20 000 new designs A YEAR!


Crazy, I know!


Trying to keep up with these rapidly emerging trends is simply not sustainable, especially when your “old” clothes could become the latest craze in the next few years.

Buy & Sell Your Second Hand Fashion

So what do you do with all those clothes you don't want to wear again? SELL THEM OF COURSE!


Wisi-Oi Marketplace has created a simple app that allows you to do just that!

We make it simpler for sellers to upload their preloved fashion from the palm of their hands!

Stay tuned, for more exciting news about the app launch.



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