How to Start Selling Your Clothes

How to Start Selling Your Clothes

Selling your clothes online is a fantastic and environmentally sustainable source of income - however, it can be a little daunting getting started.

So we decided to do the hard work for you and broke down some of the key elements necessary to build a successful pre-loved clothing brand. 


Let’s start by getting organized! Spend an afternoon going through your closet and choosing some trendy pieces that you’re ready to part with. If you need some help with this process then check out our blog on how to clean out your closet! 

Once you have 20 trendy items set aside, then you’re ready to get started! Just remember, they all should be high quality and in excellent condition (don’t try to sell your old paint-stained t-shirts). 

Pro-tip: We suggest checking your closet every month or so to see what you haven’t been wearing and if you have any other items you’re ready to add to your digital store. This way, things don’t pile up and you can keep your content fresh!

Set up your brand

The next step is setting up your brand. This is the fun part! You should start with determining what sort of vibe and style you want to establish. Remember, this is your business, so it should reflect your fabulous personality! So how do you do this? Let’s start with the basics:

  • Pick your boutique name and design your logo: Whether you use your own name or something completely different - this is what your buyers will know you as. We recommend creating a free account on the graphic design website, Canva. Their drag and drop system is super easy to use and they have a bunch of logo templates you can play around with.
  • Write your store content: This includes your store description, product listings, and boutique policies. Remember, you’re here to sell - so make sure your tone is inviting and friendly!
  • Determine your boutique aesthetic: When you sign up to be a seller with Wisi-Oi, we send you a photographer (for free!) to take some snaps of you in your products! Figuring out your aesthetic is as simple as how you want your content to look.
  • Are you vibing a more serious, model-type photoshoot? Perhaps more natural, candid photos? Do you want a city backdrop or do you want photos in nature? Whatever you decide, we’ll help make it happen!



    The next step is promoting your boutique! Wisi-Oi will advertise various images on social media, but it’s also up to you to promote your awesome brand and bring in some buyers.

    Share your newfound business on your own social accounts and play around with creative content ideas - flat lay images and tiktok style videos do a great job of raising engagement and showing people your stylish outfits for sale. 

    If you work on your own self-promotion and create some stand-out content, we just might feature you on our seller spotlight too!


    Now that your business is up and running, you need to get ready to make some sales! We suggest keeping your clothes ready to go for whenever you may get an order. This means cleaning them, ironing, and leaving them in a tidy space ready to be shipped out at a moment's notice. 

    While it’s not completely necessary, we’ve seen some boutiques even create special packaging in an effort to get return buyers. Anything from throwing in a little freebie bracelet or writing a cute note to go in the package and help build up a friendly seller/buyer relationship. 


    PRO-TIP: Try to keep your response time as low as possible. Replying promptly to messages and orders shows you have excellent customer service skills and will encourage people to purchase from your store!

    We know that starting up your own business can be a little scary - but we’re here to support you every step of the way. Don’t worry if things get too confusing at any point. Not only do we have a ton of resources in our Seller’s Portal but we’re also just an email or a Whatsapp away if you ever need some help! 

    So what are you waiting for? Join the pre-loved fashion movement and become a seller today!

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