Top 7 Product Listing Tips

Top 7 Product Listing Tips


Listing items on your boutique can be a little overwhelming. 

Where do you start? What’s considered too little or too much? 

We put together our top 7 tips to follow when listing your products on Wisi-Oi Marketplace to ensure maximum exposure and to help you drive as many sales as possible.

Make your store POP

Seller listing tips


List items regularly

ALWAYS add fresh items to your boutique over time. 

We consistently feature new arrivals through our email and social media base. 

Also, whenever you add new garments to your store, they’ll go to the top of the list on our ‘new in’ page - giving your boutique more exposure.


be honest

Be completely HONEST and transparent about the condition the item is in!

Is it worn in? Are there any minor defaults? 

If so, this needs to be directly communicated to any potential buyers through your product descriptions


catchy  Descriptions

Go the extra mile with your product descriptions! Add in all the nitty-gritty details that you think shoppers would want to know.

Does the garment size run small? Are the pockets functional? 

Make sure to list all of these things within your descriptions.


Focus on the photos

It’s no secret that photos are key when purchasing clothes online.

It’s important to make sure that your photos are as high quality as possible and follow all of our  photography guidelines  

BONUS TIP: try to use as much natural lighting as possible to get that perfect shot!


Model it!

If possible, it’s super important to take some photos of you (or someone else) wearing your items

Depop says that ‘model shots will make your item up to 60% more likely to sell’.

Not super comfortable in front of the camera? 

That’s fine! You don’t have to show your face, just make sure to capture the item being worn.



This is the fun part! Focus on finding fun and fresh ways to promote your boutique on your social media accounts. 

Don’t have a huge following? Don’t worry! If you still come up with creative content we’ll happily use it to continue promoting your store. 

PRO TIP: We love TikTok/reel style content. 


Price reasonably

This is absolutely essential for your boutique to be successful. 

Be realistic with your pricing - would you buy a preloved item for the same retail cost as buying it new? 

Probably not! 

For a bit more guidance, check out our pricing guide here

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