Start Selling Your Pre-Loved Fashion

Are you ready to declutter your closet and turn your pre-loved fashion into cash? Setting up your very own Boutique in the Wisi-Oi marketplace is easy, fun, and comes with some pretty great perks:

  • You can open a trendy online fashion boutique with the ability to customise and style it in a way that’s completely your own;

  • The opportunity to sell to Wisi-Oi marketplace's extensive fashion loving community;

  • Give your stylish clothing a second chance at life;

  • We’ll do the hard part for you! We have a fantastic team of digital marketing professionals with ample experience in the eCommerce space. They’ll ensure that your Boutique receives coverage on Wisi-Oi’s wide email database, social media platforms, and feature your products in our Google advertising. 

All you need to start selling your pre-loved fashion is:

  • A catchy name for your boutique

  • A creative logo for your store

  • Identify a preferred courier that you'll be using to make your product deliveries as well as your preferred shipping rate

  • Images of a minimum of 20 styles of pre-loved fashion that are in excellent condition and following our photography requirements

Photography requirements:

In order to maintain the trendy aesthetic of Wisi-Oi Marketplace, the following image specs are required in order to upload items to your Boutique:

  • No larger than 2MB image size (larger image sizes will not be accepted for upload)
  • 3000 X 4500 pixels
  • 15,24cm x 22,86cm
  • 196 pixels/cm resolution
  • All images need to be portrait, NOT landscape
  • We do require that the item is clearly visible in every photo.
We ask that you model the items so the buyers can see the look and fit of the product.
However, in a situation where that is not possible, you may neatly place it against a contrasting background.
If you choose to model your outfit, please ensure that you’re in a clean, well-lit area.

In addition to this, the product must be clearly visible. We suggest modeling it or placing it against a contrasting background. We also suggest uploading images a minimum of 4 images per style at multiple angles.

Product images are your digital shopfront. The better the quality and styling of these images, the higher the chances that your items will get snatched up quickly.

What else?

Are there any fees to be a Boutique?

A boutique is absolutely free to sign up. When you make a sale, Wisi-Oi will deduct 25% of the price as a commission to maintain our platform and market your store.

Do I have a contract with Wisi-Oi?

Not at all! Should you wish to close your Boutique at any point, we can easily guide you through the process. 

How many styles do I need to keep in my Boutique?

At any given time, your Boutique should always have images of a minimum of 20 different styles for sale. 

What items can I sell in my Boutique?

Your Boutique any pre-owned or new fashion item whether it be shoes, clothing swimwear, bags etc. We do not allow the sale of underwear.

How can I customise my storefront?

There are a range of customizations you can make to your Boutique page. You have the flexibility to personalize your logo, store name, owner profile picture, about section, policy section, and titles, descriptions, and photo composition for your listings. 

What are the requirements for sending items for delivery?

All deliveries and fulfilment of orders are the complete responsibility of the Boutique. We do require all sellers to:

  • Identify a preferred courier to use for all product deliveries

  • Write a delivery policy for your page

We suggest that you charge a minimum order fee to cover your couriers costs, eg. an R99 delivery fee for orders below R800.

Who handles communication with the buyers?

All communication regarding inquiries, delivery policy, returns, refunds, exchanges, and cancellations are handled directly by the Boutique. Should there be any unresolvable disputes, Wisi-Oi management will handle the situation.

How can I open my Boutique?

Once you’re ready to set up your digital storefront, head over to this page to set up an account and start selling.